Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Strange New Place

Thanks again to everyone for your comments and support!

I don't have time to post this, but I feel the need to get some thoughts out. Now that I've had two strong betas, I'm officially pregnant. I've never been THIS pregnant before, which is sad since I'm only 4 weeks and 4 days along. I feel like I should be further along, given my symptoms -- lots of weird feelings in my midsection and extreme tiredness.

Don't get me wrong -- I am HAPPY -- but I am realizing something: I don't know how to be pregnant. I know how to be infertile. And this is sad but true, but in some ways, I'm more comfortable being an infertile underdog than a pregnant CCRM "graduate."

Right now, since it's too early to tell people, I'm spending a little bit too much time thinking about how to NOT tell people, especially my boss. I have a meeting with her on Friday morning and I'm hoping she's not going to be asking about where things stand. She knows about the FET and knows it was on 4/22. I've thought and thought about a way to say, "We're not ready to say yet" without ticking her off. If she gets testy about things, then I'll be ticked off. We've been having that effect on each other quite a bit in recent weeks, so chances are good. I just hope she doesn't ask, because I have no doubt that she expects to know as soon as I know something, which in itself infuriates me (and is pretty much illegal).

Anyone have suggestions for handling a nosy boss who already knows too much?

Gotta run. I have a VERY long day tomorrow -- it's my organization's "signature" event and I'll be working a 12+ hour day, much of it on my feet.


  1. How about "It's too soon to say" accompanied by a shrug and a wide-eyes wistful expression? Because, hey, that's the truth!

    Thanks for the link to the adoption website - looks great!

  2. If I'm lucky enough to get pregnant early next year, I imagine I will feel the exact same way. We have spent our entire married life being "infertile," and I can't imagine crossing over to the other side. It will be one of the best days of my life, but it will be foreign territory. Hopefully just taking it day by day, things will start to seem more real for you. Those were some great betas!

    Regarding your boss, I would just shrug it off and say, "We don't know yet." That's what I did with nosy people last year! Even though she knows your FET was on 4/22, she doesn't have to know that you already know the results! Nosy people are lame. : )

  3. I would say (and it is sort of true too, before the u/s) that it is way too early to tell. Say that you are still hopeful, but not sure yet how things will go.

    I mean, if she knows this much already, and then suddenly you are evasive, well, that's about the same as telling her. So don't be surprised if she asks, she will, and just tell her it is too soon to know.

    And then, when you puke in front of her, you'll be outed anyway!