Monday, August 31, 2009

Two strikes...

Today I learned that our second IVF attempt was unsuccessful. They did the egg retrieval yesterday and only got 3 eggs. I knew that wasn't good news and I wasn't surprised at all when the embryologist called this morning to let me know that none of them fertilized. This protocol my doc chose this time -- more agressive than the first attempt -- simply didn't work. We had good numbers of eggs but my estrogen and progesterone were all over the place. The E2 was only 600-something so it makes sense that we only got 3 eggs.

I don't understand why my eggs and his sperm just don't want to get together! We are crazy about each other, so what's the deal with our eggs and sperm?? Last time only 2 of 7 eggs fertilized.

I am really confused about what comes next. This cycle of treatment was really difficult -- lots of side effects to the meds I was on. Glucophage destroyed my appetite and gave me great aversions to foods I normally crave.

I am tempted to throw in the towel and get on with my life... But I'm afraid that one day I will regret not trying all 3 times. We have 3 times paid for with the Attain program we're on.

My life will be so different if we don't have children. I'll probably end up as an executive who spends too much time at work. The unknowns are actually greater with kids -- will I be a full-time stay at home mom? Will I work part-time? Will I find a way to balance working full-time and being a mom? Will I be able to keep advancing in my career and be a good mom?

When I put it like that, I prefer the unknown, with opportunities to have some variety in my life. Becoming an executive who spends too much time at work doesn't sound very appealing. Time will tell.

For now I will grieve the loss of this cycle.