Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Call from Summer on May Day

So the call came in at 10:26 a.m. (so early!) and I was in the middle of a session on international adoption at the Resolve Family Building Conference in Atlanta. I had been thinking "oh I hope don't really need this information" not five minutes before I looked down and saw my phone light up and begin to vibrate. It was CCRM. I jumped up, steppped over a few people and bolted out of the room, leaving my purse and other belongings behind.

The caller, whose name I didn't catch because I was so surprised they were calling so early and because I was flustered from rushing out of the room to catch her call, said, "Well, we got your lab results back." And I thought it was going to be bad news - just for half a second. Then she said, "And everything looks great. Your HCG was 387!"

At that I pretty much started rambling things like, "Oh my gosh! Are you serious? I can't believe you called so early! Do you know where I am? I was just in a session about international adoption...."  She asked me what time I went to the doctor because she was surprised to get the results so early, too. My appointment was at 8 a.m., which is 6 a.m. in Denver. Good for my Atlanta clinic for sending results over so promptly!

She confirmed that I'm doing daily PIO shots and 3 endometrins per day and then said for me to keep that up. I didn't even think to ask what my progesterone level was. I did ask about the HCG of 387 and confirmed that even though that's kind of high, it's too early to make singleton or twin projections. The nurse said she's seen numbers like that result in both.

Before we hung up, I asked, "What was your name again? I want to remember this." It was Summer. I thanked Summer for such great news.


Now on to the next hoop: Monday's beta -- HCG needs to double!


  1. Whoa! That is a great, solid, high beta!! YAY!!!! I'm so very very very happy for you! Are you glowing? All smiles? I am!!

  2. YAY!! That is a FANTASTIC beta!! Keeping everything crossed for a great second beta!

  3. Congratulations!!!! You are pregnant!!!! That is a great 1st beta and I'm betting on twins.

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  5. I told you I had a good feeling about this cycle!!

    Congratulations. I hope this is it for you. I, too, am highly suspicious of twins with that 1st beta result. ;-)

  6. I am so thrilled for you!! Congrats!! It's like just yesterday that you were in Denver stuck in a snow storm. :)

    I can imagine it still feels like there are more "hoops" to jump through. But when you've done this first one, the others will smoothly follow.

    P.S..What a GREAT number!! Can't wait to see the second beta.

  7. Yay!!! Hope they double tomorrow!!! Big hugs!!

  8. yea! yea! yea! So happy for you!!!

  9. Well, HEY!! And it's Monday now. I hope you got another nice big number!