Monday, May 10, 2010

Need an OB in Atlanta

I don't know if anyone from Atlanta is reading, but I am -- fingers crossed -- going to need an OB/GYN. My regular doc is way out in the 'burbs and I don't want to drive to his office for prenatal care. I love my regular doc so I've been waiting for pregnancy to occur before switching. It looks like the time for the switch is approaching.

I want to deliver at Northside Hospital and want someone with an office near Northside or somewhere between there and Midtown. I also would like a female but am not married to that idea. After all, a male doc "got me pregnant."

If you don't want to post your recommendation in a comment, please email me.

Thank you!!


  1. I liked Dr. Zane with Roswell Ob/Gyn, they deliver at Northside.

  2. Hope you find a great one! Sorry I'm no help....if you were just a little farther south (say in Southern GA) I could help you out, but I got nothing on Atlanta OB's. Hope someone can help out! Good luck!

  3. I got nothing for ya, but just wanted to pop in and say hi!! HI!