Monday, May 3, 2010

Still Pregnant

I am sooo tired -- meant to post earlier but got sidetracked with DH's birthday party invitation -- but I couldn't let the day pass without a quick update.

To recap -- Saturday's beta was 387. Today's was 1,108!
I'm still pregnant and very relieved.

My nurse asked, "How many did we transfer?" (two)
She also asked, "So you're okay with multiples?" (yes)

Of course it's still too early to tell. We'll have our first ultrasound on May 20, so I would think we'd know then.

Thanks to everyone who's reading for your wonderful support and happy comments. I just keep reading the comments over and over because almost no one in my real life knows and it's fun to be happy and excited with you. I appreciate you all -- my followers, my lurkers, and anyone who's prayed or sent baby dust, sticky vibes, or positive energy my way.


  1. Thanks for staying up late to post because selfishly I love to keep up, however, get some rest! I love you friend and am giddy with excitment.

    Take good care!

  2. Yay! Nice to hear the positive news!! I'm sure May 20 feels so far away but hang in there!!

  3. Those are some seriously high numbers- sounds like the money is on twins! Very exciting! You need to rest, stay hydrated, and put your feet up often. :)

  4. I've been following you for some time but I'm not sure if I've ever commented. I wanted to chime in to wish you a very heartfelt congratulations! Amazing news :)

  5. Yay for beta #2! I'm willing to bet money that there are two in there! :) Congrats!

  6. Ok. I just had to respond to the comment you left on my blog about POAS - you read correctly between the lines! He is out of town for a bachelor party! I'm not too happy about it (and heck, neither is his mom, missing mothers day!). You hit the nail on the head - he is choosing to be out of town, and therefore choosing not to be there for any POASing. Argh!!

  7. I never commented before on your site, but was so excited with your news and had to say a big CONGRATS!!!!! (I wrote you the email and live here in ATL -- we went to CCRM after reading your blog). Been cheering from the sidelines... Wanted to say how happy I am for you!!! You give us hope!!! Go big beta~~~