Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show and Tell: Grow Here

Show and Tell

This is my first Show and Tell. Click on the chalkboard above to go to the archives and learn more about this project, which Mel has been coordinating for at least 92 weeks now.

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I want to share a photo I took earlier this month in Colorado. "Grow Here" is a marketing message for a new live-work-play real estate development that's coming up all around the medical center next door to CCRM.

"Grow Here" banners welcome you into the development, most of which is still undeveloped, along a parkway that leads to CCRM. Day after day, as I passed the banners on my way to the clinic, I received "Grow Here" as a positive message of encouragement just for me and the other patients of CCRM. At first I received it as an imperative statement: "Grow Here, follicles!" And I would literally tell them that -- out loud, along with a gentle pat on my midsection -- in the car when we were approaching CCRM. After the egg retrieval, Grow Here became reassuring, as if the banners were telling me, "Yes, you have come to the right place for growth. Your embryos will Grow Here." Even now, 1,200 miles away in Atlanta, I like that fact that those banners are lining the road to where my embryos are stored.

Someone could probably stake one of those banners in my front yard now, because I think the excruciating wait for the genetic test results is going to make me grow a little bit, too . . .


  1. Love the idea of the banners being a good omen for you!

  2. Sounds like a good omen to me.

  3. I never noticed those, but I love them! It is very reassuring! Let's hope both of our waits are short!!

    And JMU! I was '95, so we must have overlapped a bit. Go Dukes!

  4. What a great reminder for you. Wishing you the best of luck!!

  5. What a great "sign"! And I love that you TOLD your follies to grow. :)

  6. I pray your babies do grow,

  7. I love the idea of this banner sending you like a sign of some sort. :) And yes, Grow Here is very positive.