Sunday, January 31, 2010


I would not have predicted that I'd go three days before posting again since I'm in Denver now and I'm supposed to have all kinds of time on my hands. We actually have been pretty busy.

Thursday -- ultrasound and bloodwork, consult with genetic counselor, backup sperm sample, switched rooms in hotel (got the big one we wanted), dealt with work issues and internet problems in new hotel room

Friday -- IVF physical, electro acupunture, more internet problems in hotel room, trip into Denver to visit The Tattered Cover bookstore (thanks for the recommendation, Pie) and find a place to have birthday dinner, and oh -- intermittent gifts throughout the day from DH (he's so wonderful!)

Saturday -- ultrasound and bloodwork, spontaneous 300+ mile trip ino the mountains that took the rest of the day. It was so beautiful - lots of snow on the ground, bright and sunny

Today -- ultrasound and bloodwork, church, lunch, grocery store and Target, work projects due tomorrow, walk on treadmill, dinner at yummy Mexican restaurant out our back door

So that's what I've been doing, but here's the skinny:

Started stim meds 1/23 (Menopur, Follistim, Saizen (Saizen just for five days)

1/26 ultrasound/bloodwork
E2 593, P 0.3, LH 6.4
15 follicles

1/28 ultrasound/bloodwork
E2 1674, P 0.9, LH 6.5
11 follicles measured (L 13.5, 16.1, 11.9, 14 and R 14.6, 12.7, 13.5, 13.1, 15.2, 13.2, 11.5)
Need to watch P level -- if gets above 2.0, may have to freeze all embryos no matter how many we have

1/30 ultrasound/bloodwork and Doppler retest
E2 4076, P 1.7, LH 4.9 - stim meds discontinued p.m. to keep E2 from rising much more - "coasting"
11 follicles measured (L 12.4, 18.2, 13.1, 17.7,10.3 and R 17.2, 17.9, 13.9, 17.1, 14.0, 13.8)
Doppler results normal (PI down from 4.69 to 2.05 on R and 3.9 to 2.24 on L!)

1/31 ultrasound/bloodwork
E2 4815, P 1.9, LH 3.7
11 follicles measured (L 19.6, 18.3, 17.4, 15.3, 12.4 and R 18.2, 16.2, 15.1, 18.3, 16.5, 17.4)
Sonographer counted 17 but only measured the biggest ones.

I thought they might trigger me tonight, but I'm still coasting. I'm glad about this. My big problem in previous cycles has been getting enough mature eggs. Everyone here has been saying we should get double digits, which would be amazing. We got 7 last April and 3 in August.

When we met with the genetic counselor, we discussed plan A, plan B, plan C... Plan A is to get at least five eggs to fertilize so we can do the genetic testing. Plan B is either a fresh transfer or polar body testing. All of the possibilities are kind of mind boggling. I loved receiving the information that the genetic counselor shared, but it was a bit overwhelming when I started thinking about every little thing that could happen in our specific situation.

Tomorrow we have another ultrasound and bloodwork and a regroup with Dr. S. (we are now calling him Dr. Babycraft). In Atlanta, the docs often do the scans, so you get to have a pretty regular, ongoing dicussion with your doctor, which is nice. Here, they have a pretty different model for getting things done, which in many ways is also nice, but it doesn't give you the opportunity to regularly communicate with your doc directly, so I scheduled this appointment just to touch base. I'm so glad I did that. Can't wait to get his take on how I'm progressing.

I also asked today who is calling the shots over the weekend since Dr. Babycraft isn't on. I was pleased that he isn't totally out of the loop; he is apparently supervising the on-call doc's decisions. I asked about my chances for getting him for the retrieval and Nurse Julie explained that I can request him if that's what I want. I assured her that that's what I want because this is our last ditch effort at this and well, he's the man.

About the Doppler retest -- in November at our one-day workup, they discovered a problem with uterine bloodflow. I was told that a year's worth of acupuncture had been done incorrectly and that I needed to start doing electro acupuncture. My great acupuncturist in Atlanta talked to one in Denver who works with CCRM and she started treatments according to Denver's specifications. I was also told, "Absolutely no caffeine of any kind" so I eliminated Coke, tea, and chocolate (very painful, especially during the holidays). I started drinking at least 64 oz of water per day and walking 30 minutes each day. This new regimen was a pretty significant undertaking for me, but I decided to abide by these rules because I wanted to give this all I've got. And what do you know?! It worked!

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  1. Wow, you are cruising along! Those are some huge jumps in E2, glad they have you coasting for a few days. Keep drinking lots and lots of water, and salty things, to ward off any OHSS. What a difference from your previous cycles! Honestly, all the docs there are really really good - you'd be in good hands with any of them. While Dr. Sch is "my" doc too - I had other docs for one ER and consultation - and they were all great. And I'm so glad you got to the Tattered Cover, I hope you both liked it.