Thursday, April 8, 2010

Reality Check

Here's an update, real quick, because it is midnight on a "school night" (I have to go to work in the morning).

We talked to Dr. Babycraft yesterday for our pre-FET follow-up. We decided to transfer 2 embryos although he would be willing to do three, given my age and my past failures. I declined, saying I'm afraid of triplets. I suppose if this attempt is another failure, we can do a Hail Mary Transfer with 3 next time. That's assuming that all 5 of them "thaw" nicely.

Other than discussion of the number to transfer, the only other news flash from the Babycraft call was that I somehow distorted the success rate for embryos that have tested normal. I was thinking it was 70% per embryo, but it is actually 70% per transfer. Dr. Babycraft seems to think that my chances are actually lower than 70% because, again, of my past failures, my age, etc.

Oh -- and he said that having 5 out of 6 normal embryos was good news and bad news. The bad news is that if that many were normal now, that many were probably normal before and it still didn't work. I pointed out that I've only made two embryos before. Also, and I didn't think to say this during the call, those two embryos from a year ago were poor quality (and cultured in an inferior lab). They were below average three-day embryos with quite a bit of fragmentation. The grades our 5 current embryo indicate they are in a different league than their "sibs" from 2009.

Despite all of that *encouragement* the call ended on a good note. He said that it is amazing that I've responded as I have, considering the poor responses from before. I reminded him we went from 7 eggs making 2 embryos to 3 eggs making 0 embryos to 17 eggs making what we have now. He said, "It's like you're a different patient." I agreed and told him I'm feeling optimistic. DH told him how glad we are that we are cycling with them.

So, nothing like a good reality check with Dr. Babycraft. His brilliance just gets in the way of his ability to be encouraging. I'd be lying if I didn't admit I fell asleep last night with a few tears on my pillow. Today, I've been okay, though. Up and down. Scared. Impatient. The usual.


  1. It makes me so happy to read about the great response you had with Dr. S. in comparsion to all the others. I've read a lot of people that say he is a dry humor guy, but when he gives you encouraging news or positive notes, you can believe them and take them to heart.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and giving a newbie like me something positive too. :)

    So excited for you and hoping for only the best.

  2. No tears! You have done such a great job this cycle, you are a different patient! And now you are going into this with good blasts - something you have not had before. I'm feeling very optimistic for you!

    When's your lining check - it has to be soon.