Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PIO Independence!

I'm so proud of myself, I have to brag to some people who can appreciate this . . . I gave myself my very own PIO shot in the bum this morning! DH is going out of town for two days this week, so I was faced with calling a friend who's a nurse, paying my home clinic $30 for each injection, or doing it myself. I didn't like the first two options, so I decided to try it under DH's supervision this morning. And it worked just fine! It actually hurt less than some of those smaller needles in my abdomen or thigh.

After I did it, DH said, "Am I out of a job?" as if he felt like he's no longer needed. I assured him that I'd prefer for him to do it because I didn't like twisting around like that -- the most uncomfortable part. He seemed relieved that his duties hadn't been taken away from him. He's so needy! I love him, though.

All is going well this week. It's hard to believe that my beta is in 4 days!!! I am doing a pretty good job keeping busy at work. I've been resting a lot in the evenings, just trying to not overdo it. So far, so good on the emotional front!


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  2. Sister, you are braver than me! Wow, only 4 days till beta? Oh wait, that should be more like, OMGosh, you still have 4 long painful days till beta? On pins and needles with you!

  3. Yay! Happy for you on he shot (which I can relate to since I had to do the exact thing last Friday, though I think I would have called a nurse friend or paid $30 for a clinic to do it!). And glad you're feeling good on the emotional front!

  4. You are a rock star!! A PIO rock star! See, its not so bad, and I really do think it hurts less than some other shots. Good for you.

    So....any POAS-ing? It's about that time....just wondering.

  5. Wow! Super Susie! I am definitely impressed. I can't even give a shot to myself in my thigh, much less in my rear.

    Do you do vag. supp after the PIO shots?

    BTW...thanks for the comment on my blog. I read and re-read your comment and finally called them back today. I don't know if anything will happen with my "this is unacceptable" attitude but at least I did something. And I didn't cry this time. :)