Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Unbelievable Retrievals

I'm calling this post "Unbelievable Retrievals" -- yep, plural -- because before I share today's ER report, I will remind you about my unbelievable retrieval from August of last year:  we got just 3 eggs as my Atlanta doc was hoping to improve upon the first cycle when we got 7 eggs. As I was waking up in recovery, I asked my DH repeatedly how many eggs we got. And then I kept saying, "Only three eggs?" I was very, very, very disappointed.

Fast forward to today, when I was hoping for vast improvement but bracing for something similar. Believe it or not, Dr. Surrey retrieved 17 eggs!! Seventeen! I definitely came to the right clinic.

Of course we have a long road ahead, starting with tomorrow's fertilization report. The genetic counselor said the fert rate is usually 65% and of those, 40-50% should make it to the blastocyst stage in 5-6 days. If we could have 11 fertilize, I would be shocked. And if we get 4 or 5 blasts, that would be unbelievable all over again. Even if we have two or three blasts, I'll be pleased.

But this is one reason why we came to Colorado -- the lab. I know without a doubt that my 17 eggs are being given the absolute best opportunity to fertilize and survive.

For now, I will rest and think positive thoughts. DH got Chinese takeout for dinner. My fortune cookie said this:

From your garden of dreams, many things will blossom.

I like that.

I "believe" in fortune cookie fortunes because about five years ago, my DH got one that read: "Your new love is already very near you" as his first marriage was ending. He kept it and guess what? It was right. I was very near him. I'd been sitting near him in church for like 18 months. (But he wouldn't speak to me... Totally maddening because I caught him looking at me all the time.) That fortune is now in a frame on our dresser in our bedroom.

Maybe we can add this one to it someday.

Thanks to all for your good wishes.


  1. Awesome retrieval! Hope the fortune cookie is right again :) Best wishes.

  2. That is a great retrieval!! Lots of luck!!!!

  3. Well, YEAH!!! Good job, Susie! Good job, Susie's ovies! and Good job clinic! Onward!

  4. YIPEE!!! 17 is totally awesome!! Can't wait to hear more good news!

    I just happen to be carrying around a fortune cookie in my wallet right now to see if it comes true. I hope so!

  5. AMAZING ER! 17 is sooooo great, can't wait to hear the fert report. Fingers crossed!

  6. Whooo, hooo! That's Southern for Way to Go! I am so excited and hope things continue to progress well. Take good care, my friend!