Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fert Report

I don't really know what to do with all of this good news. Seriously, DH and I were talking today about how we just aren't accustomed to having good outcomes from our IF procedures. Diagnostic tests, sure, everything looks fine. But IUIs? IVF cycles? No way. For nearly 3 years, nothing has really gone well with our treatments. Until now.

Believe it or not, 14 of my 17 eggs fertilized! The lab called around 11 am today. She said they were able to ICSI all 17, so I have a question for all of you people out there who are much more knowledgable than I am about all of this -- does this mean that all 17 were mature? She didn't say that and I was so astounded by the fact that 14 fertilzed, I couldn't think to ask her. It is inconsequential now, but I'm curious.

Now we wait for the day 3 call on Saturday. Also on Saturday, we have a follow up ultrasound to check for extra fluid that would indicate I'm hyperstimulating. I've still been drinking lots, trying to ward off OHSS like the plague.

We have thought some about naming our embryos, but can't come up with anything really cool. Last time we went with Eenie and Meenie (Miney and Moe), but I don't want to call the first two Eenie 2 and Meenie 2. That would be weird. I think I will wait to name them until we see how many make it to blasts. I know there will be a good bit of attrition here and that will be easier to take if they don't have names.

It gives me chills to think that there are 14 microscopic combinations of me and DH in the lab just about a mile from here. I wish I could visit them and see them under a microscope!


  1. That is awesome news! I'm really, really pleased for you and DH! I hope everything goes smoothly....and that you get no OHSS. Will be stalking to see how things are going :D

  2. Holy Cow! That is GREAT! Congrats!

    I hope to hear more great news on Saturday!!!

  3. 14!!! Nice!! That makes my day.

  4. Congratulations!

    And yeah, they won't ICSI immature eggs. :)

  5. Wow! That is the best fert report I've heard! All 17 mature - and yes, they were all mature to be ICSI'd - and 14 fertilized is so incredibly great!! It makes you wonder what they hell was going on at your old clinic - you are a stellar repsonder!!

  6. Yahoo! Yay for eggs and stuff! I'm so thrilled things are going well. Talk with you soon.