Friday, February 11, 2011

It takes a village

While DH was out of town for three days this week, everything went well! I had lots of help -- a friend brought me lunch on Monday, another friend came over after work Monday and stayed through the babies' bedtime, a mother/daughter team came over Tuesday evening and even spent the night, and then on Wednesday, another friend came for the afternoon. DH was back home that night. The babies were simultaneously fussy for a few hours on Monday, but other than that, there really weren't moments of extreme frustration.

I was not only grateful for the extra hands; I was thrilled to have the company. I am learning more and more that two keys to my sanity are a little bit of variety in my days and interaction with friends. The wonderful thing is that these friends were all really happy to help out. They all adore the babies and seemed to really enjoy the time with them.

The babies are sleeping fairly well overnight, for about 6-7 hours. We keep fine-tuning our bedtime routine to figure out what works best. Tonight we actually put the babies down and there was no crying!! Yahoo!

Thanks to those of you who commented on my last post with encouraging words. It's so great to have this community!


  1. Whoo hoo to 6-7 hours of sleep a night!! Sounds like things are going great and so glad to hear it.

  2. That is great to have so many people love those babies! I'm glad they came to visit with your family.

  3. OMG 6-7 hours? wow, that sounds great! it is true, help and company really does help with sanity, well, that and sleep. :)

  4. So glad you are figuring out what works for you and the babies. And it sounds like they are really good sleepers--wow! It's wonderful that you had so much help to count on while your DH was out of town. Have a great weekend! P.S.--I'm getting ready to email you!

  5. Thinking of you. Hope things are going well!

  6. 6-7 hours a night is a dream! It takes a bit of time to get adjusted. Even with an 18 month old, I'm still struggling to get him on a regular sleep pattern (we went from waking up at 10 AM to 6 AM for some reason...) It's great that you have so much company and help; twins are a handful!