Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My shortest post ever

This is going to be my shortest post ever, but it is a significant thing . . .

The past two days I have begun to feel like a normal person again! I actually ate some chicken for lunch today . . . yes, chicken! My first in at least a month. I think that I'm about to turn the corner on the nausea and food aversions. And my energy level is improving, too.

I am so excited!!


  1. Boy, am I jealous of that! I am hoping that is right around the corner for me. Chicken...amazing! I can't fathom it at this point. :)

    You asked what I DO all day. Well, I've tried to sort of "schedule" my time. So every morning up at about the same time, come down, make breakfast, watch morning news, Regis & Kelly. Then TV goes off, on to internet for awhile. Leisurely internet time. Snack around 10:30-11. Off the internet by noon-ish. Make lunch. Sometimes watch one HGTV show with lunch. Then I read for a few hours in the afternoon. Around 4:30, TV back on, check the news, then watch my favorite reruns. DH home around 6-ish, he makes dinner, we hang out. I'm usually tired by 9pm, so to bed. And I also will add if the Cubs play (day or night game) that will be watched. I've missed very few games this season.

    Pretty much the same every day. Going to the doctor or a blood draw is very exciting. It's been ok when I was so tired, but I feel like my energy is returning a bit, so now I'm getting antsy. Oh well, whatever is best for the critter!!

    Hopefully you'll never have to do this! Fingers crossed for that.

  2. yea! Pretty soon you'll be having more and more good days, and then suddenly one day you'll look back and realize you're out of it! Glad to hear you're feeling better!

  3. Yay! (shortest comment ever - and very delayed!)