Saturday, August 28, 2010

Will get back on board soon

I have been out of the loop, big time, for several weeks now. To those of you whose blogs I've been following and commenting on, I'm sorry.

I'm approaching my big transition to part-time at work and it has been so much work! I've been in my job for 8 years and will be the first to admit that I am not the best manager of paper. My desk is huge and always covered with stacks of folders and things to read. My files are jam-packed. Now that I'm going part-time, someone else is coming in to cover for me. I've got to train her but also have to prep my office for her use. This is a big job, physicallly speaking, because I'm recycling reams of old stuff and I'm packing boxes to take home. The past two days I've overdone it because by the end of the day, I start to feel pressure deep in my abdomen. Once all of this is done and I'm working part time, I fully intend to get re-engaged with the blogosphere.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am fine, other than being tired. I'm 21 weeks along today. Happy Saturday!!


  1. It made me tired just to read that!! Please take it as easy as you can, all the paperwork in the world is not worth compromising those babes.

  2. Good to hear from you!

    As someone else who is also not a good manager of paper, I shudder to think what I'd have to go through to clean out my office. . . so I can relate.

    21 weeks, woohoo! And hooray for being part-time soon.

  3. Nice to see you post! And yay for 21 weeks. No worried about being absent -- we'll wait for you.

  4. I know it's tough getting things ready to go part-time, but think of how great it will be when the transition happens! However, please be careful....don't overdo it too much. Your health and that of the babies is much too important!